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Mumbai Automation Events

Aliyance Mechatronics participated in both the China Machinex exp and the 3D Printing exhibition recently.

The 3D Printing Expo took place in a lovely venue called the _______________. Although the event was small, the quality of exhibitions was excellent. We are quite knowledgeable already about 3D printing technology, but honestly we learned several new things here about available services and technologies in India. The show was quite informative about the leading edge technologies such as multi-jet fusion and laser sintered metal 3D printing with numerous production samples available to see or inspect in hand.

The Machinex expo had an extraordinarily chaotic entry as the Mumbai organizers either did not have experience or perhaps lacked intent to prepare adequate processes for pre-registration and on-site registration. Frankly, it was sheer chaos, with visitors jostling in every direction during the hours-long registration confusion. This, of course, resulted in many thousands of lost attendee exhibition viewing hours. One can only hope that they will improve or select better organizers for this worthwhile event in the future.

Once inside, the experience was considerably better. The exhibition halls were well-lit and filled with several interesting vendors.

There were several interesting CNC laser cutting machines on display as well as modern but low cost equipment which is utilized to shape rebar for faster workflows at construction sites.

A large contingent of core component suppliers were also present ranging from vendors of bearings (of all sizes) to various types of motors and conveyor belt subsystems. Aliyance Mechatronics is intent upon making such things more readily available (and with detailed mechanical specifications) for India's engineers. We engaged in productive sourcing discussions.

Notably there was a large number of companies showing automated equipment to fabricate paper tea cups with extreme speed.

There seemed to be a new tea cup fabricating machine at every turn. This is a recently booming market for Chinese (and domestic) machine manufacturers because of successful environmental initiatives in India. Indian political leadership has effectively halted single use plastic cups. Serving a population exceeding one billion tea lovers, the enormous scope of India's extant "chai-walla" roadside tea businesses and delivery services is unfathomably huge. This is a welcome change for the environment as well as for the health of Indian consumers. As is well-known, heated plastic cups leach potentially cancer causing chemical agents such as dioxins and BPA (Bisphenol A) into the consumed liquids.

At Aliyance Mechatronics, we welcome the opportunity to implement similar levels of automation at all phases of the production cycle.

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